bang. boom. pow.

this post is just a photo dump for everyone to enjoy while i continue gearing up for the geek craft expo that i’m vending at in about 3 weeks (yikes!).  i’ll be bringing my polishes, so i will make sure to post some info a little closer to event time, in case anyone wants to […]


remember this photo from last week?  there was only one guess as to what it might be, and it was incorrect (though it was a very good guess!). i painted on a black polish background, and after quite a bit of curing time (probably too much, actually), i was able to peel them up.  it’s […]

civil war.

so, i tried to do a thing today, and posted on instagram about it.  the photo is also below, so you can see.  i’m not going to tell what the heck was going on, since i have decided to try it a different way.  this attempt, obviously, failed. i quickly decided on something entirely different, since that […]

there was no time for me to write an actual post this week, so instead, have a picdump of a starbucks manicure i did a while back! polish is a siren tale, and all glitter and charms are from the sparkly shop!   <3!


last week i finally managed some semblance of stamping, so this week it only made sense to try what is called reverse stamping (or decal making, it seems). as a quick first note, several companies out there make stamping mats: uber chic and bliss kiss are a couple of the ones i am aware of. for this project, however, […]

try, try, try (and a winner!).

remember these sad photos from last week? well, i went to the local drug store, and bought a couple of commercial polishes (sinful colors, sinful shine wisp and dark room). as you can see below, i had some luck with dark room, but not so much with wisp. so here’s my set up for stamping, […]

Still not stamping.

as you can see, stamping is still not going well.  pretty sure that it’s a polish problem, at this point.  the polishes i make are considered ‘jelly’ (for the most part), and i just don’t think they’re technically thick enough for stamping. also, i’m a bit under the weather, so i can’t make anything thicker […]