coming home. (giveaway is now closed)

i know, it’s been a bit of a while.  my apologies.

we did a show, and then the other half got a new gig (working with me!), and then there was a convention we go to each year, and then we moved.  not necessarily in that order, but all these things happened.

since moving, all of my supplies and shinies have kind of been lost in the mess, but i am starting to find them again, and have managed to make a few things.  so, to celebrate that, and hitting 1500 SALES ON ETSY, and a few other celebrate-able things, we’re running a couple of giveaways!

one giveaway will be right here, and the other is over at in frozen water (my other blog about all sorts of things!).

let’s start this one off with what you could win:

yes, one winner will receive fwd polish’s october hallowed nail art box, which includes four handmade small batch artisan nail colours and a canister of omfglitter mix!  the little props are not included.

okay, so here’s the info for this giveaway:

  1.  make sure to read the standard terms and conditions.
  2. this giveaway is open from now until october 11, 2016
  3. in order to gain entry ~*YOU MUST COMMENT ON THIS POST*~
  4. you may gain additional entries by sharing this blog post on twitter (tag @lyracole), g+ (tag +elly ice), facebook (post your share link in comments, please), or instagram (tag @lyracole)

that’s it.  this giveaway is u.s. only, due to postal regulations regarding nail polish.  i have to be strict on that, since there’s a huge chance customs will open the parcel and destroy it if i try to ship it out of the country.  this makes me sad, too, but there’s absolutely nothing to be done about it.

good luck to all who enter


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