we all shine on.

hey there.

i know, it’s been a while, and we’re likely going to be on semi-hiatus for a few more weeks.  the other half has a brand new job, and we’re looking at moving in the next few weeks.  on that front, anything in the shop is currently 80% off with code MOVEIT, so i can have less stuff to haul around when it all goes down.

so, chrome nails and mega-holo seem to be the big thing lately.  i don’t use gel polishes (so far), so the wild chrome mirror nails are right out for now.  but…!  i have holo powder GALORE around here.

so, here’s what i did today, inspired by twi_star and manicured canvas.  please check these two ladies out!

first, i started out with totally naked nails, because i have just not wanted to do anything with them lately:


then, i added a couple coats of the sinful colors play hard base coat (this stuff seems to work, i keep stabbing myself with my own nails).  on top of that, i added my own sparkle spackle.  it probably wasn’t actually necessary, as you will see shortly.


then, i simply followed twi_star’s instructions, because it really is that easy.  just dip a finger in the holo powder (i got mine here), and rub it on your nail.  clean it up (unlike me), and then seal it up with a top coat of your choice.  i used just the plain clear coat from sinful colors, because it’s what i happened to grab first.

pic dump ahead!  these first few are in the terrible lighting inside my studio.


these last three shots were taken in partial sunlight from my window.  my camera couldn’t figure out what to do!

and now, it’s time for me to go clean these puppies up and blind some people.



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