glimmer and glue.

we’re back from the geekcraft expo, and ready to get crazy!

thanks to those of you who came out to see us in portland last week; it was exhausting, but fun, and we may just try it again sometime.

this weekend, i tried a new design that uses shiny nail art tape and a lot of glitter.

i started off by using the liquid latex stuff from born pretty (i’ve asked them to shut my account, since their service was so atrocious).  instead of using it as a cleaning tool, though, i used it as a base coat (over the nail hardening base coat from sinful colours).  i forgot to get a photo of this part, but it’s basically just painting a layer right on the nail.

then, i grabbed this gorgeous thing:


it’s called ‘let me go’, and i actually got it from kim, one of the geekcraft showrunners.  she was looking at the colours and soaps i had available, and i couldn’t help but notice how great this looked on her nails.  next thing i knew, she was handing it to me!


it’s a very light opalescent/iridescent lilac sort of colour, and i may try to duplicate it in the near future.  it does have a tendency to warp a little, but it is full of wow!

i took my one colour of nail art tape, and began making big stripe areas on each nail.  the tape is also super iridescent, so it is really hard to see in the following photo, but it is definitely there.


i then painted a layer of clear top coat between the tape lines, and just dumped glitter all over the place.  this particular glitter is eye-safe (or as eye-safe as glitter can be).  next time i try a design like this, i will either use a darker polish colour, or a darker glitter.  everything got kind of washed out, it was so light.


I cleaned it all up a bit, and trimmed off the excess tape, and apparently decided to take some blurry photos of the final look.


and this last photo shows how easy it is to remove because of the peel away barrier stuff.  a word of warning, that stuff smells like total ass when you put it on, but it dries and becomes odorless.  i have no idea what causes that, but once i am through the bottle, i might try making my own, and i’ll try to find a way to make it a little less nasty smelling.


until next time, 


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