9 days to go.

i’ve got some really simple stuff for you this week, as we’re gearing up for the portland geek craft expo, which is happening in just 9 days.  so excite, much crazy!

so, i kind of went through a couple of looks this week.  forgive the messiness, as i seem to always get photos before the clean up steps happen.

this first photo (featuring my lovely arc reactor decal from the ramen empire) consists of the white from the sinful colours 2 step line.  i think this line is supposed to be one of the gel-less gel type polishes that are all over the place right now.  i bought it because it is thick enough to show up for stamping.  i topped that with some sparkle spackle, and then glued on this super fancy silver-and-crystals nail tip thing.  super technical terms, right there.


and yes, i did also use a top coat, though i am not sure which one it was.  definitely one of the sinful colours ones.

a few weeks back, i had tried to do some work with an iridescent foil sheet, and failed pretty stellarly.  well, after i managed to pull off one of those silver-and-crystal nail tips things within less than a day of having it on, i decided to take off all the white and sparkles, and start over.  i did my semi-normal routine with the vanish drops and a bit of a mini-scrub, and threw on some base coat.  on a total whim i grabbed one of the foil sheets, and just pressed it on.  no rubbing, just a tiny bit of pressure and a few seconds of waiting.

and it *worked*.


it can actually be seen better when stuck next to holographic tardises.  i don’t know why exactly, but i suspect it has something to do with all that weird energy at the hearts of those machines.


that’s it for this week.  i’ll be in portland next weekend, so there may be a lack of update.  come visit me if you can, and if you can’t, don’t worry too much.  we’ll be introducing a few more colours and our new monthly polish box once we get back!



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