can’t stop this thing we started.

90s music fans might get the reference in the title of this post.

about a year ago, i began creating nail polish colours for fun (and profit, you ask? no, we have yet to see an actual profit, but hey, these things take time).  first edition was created on april 25, 2015.  second edition now exists, though it is not available for purchase just yet.

three months ago, i started this blog.  yes, it has actually been three whole months; go read the posts and you’ll see!

in mid-june, i am taking a small team and vending at a craft show for the very first time.  i will be paying my team in old starbucks cups and free product (and probably also food and drink).  if you’re in portland, oregon, that weekend, please say hello.

after the show, there will be some new things happening in the main shop over on etsy, including the introduction of monthly themed nail polish boxes!

i don’t suppose you’d like a little tiny sneak peek?

and that’s only the first couple of planned items.  it should be live by late june, for shipping in july.



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