remember this photo from last week?  there was only one guess as to what it might be, and it was incorrect (though it was a very good guess!).


i painted on a black polish background, and after quite a bit of curing time (probably too much, actually), i was able to peel them up.  it’s liquid crystal solution, from solar color dust.  basically, it’s the stuff that makes mood rings so moody.


unfortunately, i think i left it to cure for far too long, and the liquid crystal solution seemed to have reacted with the top coat in such a way that the top coat basically became plastic and would not react to the acetone i was trying to use to shape the decals to my nails.  you can see what was going on, below:



needless to say, i scrapped that idea.  i did keep the eight extra decals though, just in case i can utilize them in another project later.  and somewhere (i seem to have temporarily lost it), i still have some of the liquid crystal solution left.

so, i started completely over.  i grabbed andromeda, the incredibly luminous blue from the tiny galaxies collection.  i still had some pretty peacock water decals from one of my prior purchases over at born pretty.  i dislike these things, but these caught my eye and i wanted to give them a go.


i should probably mention i am trying a nail strengthener made by sinful colours.  i don’t yet know how well it works, but it sure is super shiny.  you can see it on the bare finger in the above photo.  below is a close up of the peacock feather decals.  i was a little disappointed that they weren’t transparent, but overall, i still like them.


i did manage to mess up one of the decals, by leaving the protective plastic on.  of course, the decal stuck to the plastic and just would not come off, so i tossed it.  i finished off the look with some sparkly clear coat that i’d created as a test of some glitter products, earlier today.  then, i added tiny rhinestones, and topped everything off with a ‘shiny’ sinful colours top coat.


i added a much larger rhinestone onto the last nail, to make up for the missing decal.  i think it all turned out pretty sweet looking, or, as sir (my husband) said: neato burrito!


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