civil war.

so, i tried to do a thing today, and posted on instagram about it.  the photo is also below, so you can see.  i’m not going to tell what the heck was going on, since i have decided to try it a different way.  this attempt, obviously, failed.


i quickly decided on something entirely different, since that wasn’t working out so well.  i had created a couple of polishes last night (which should be in the shop sometime soon if you want either), a red and a mostly white/grey.  the red is highlighted in this post.


i don’t have time to go into details this week (did i mention i am gearing up for geek craft expo portland?), but still wanted to show the reverse stamping manicure i did today.  we’re going to go see captain america: civil war, tonight, and i am very firmly in #teamironman’s camp.


and here’s the next try at the super secret project that has, thus far, been eluding me.  i’ll send a free polish to the first person who can guess what the heck it is!



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