last week i finally managed some semblance of stamping, so this week it only made sense to try what is called reverse stamping (or decal making, it seems).

as a quick first note, several companies out there make stamping mats: uber chic and bliss kiss are a couple of the ones i am aware of.

for this project, however, i decided to create my own.  it is not fancy, just thick paper with some circles draw on, sealed into two sheets of contact paper.


i started out by putting a layer of clear top coat in the circles i chose to use.  i allowed it plenty of time to dry, and then i added some sparkle spackle.  once that was also dry, i grabbed my stamping gear and got to work.


the arabesques were calling to me again, so i put that pattern down for all of these.  i used the plain black polish for these again (and used white for two accent nails).


then i used the four colours from the tiny galaxies collection, to create a smoosh, which is pretty much what it sounds like, except i painted mine intentionally, instead of smooshing the colours together on the stamper.


the next step should probably preferably be done with an orangewood stick or something similar, but i had tweezers, so i made due with those.  very gently, pry up the edge of your decal, and then pull it up right off the mat.  mine ended up looking like this:


the next steps can get pretty messy.  i’d recommend having some pure acetone and cotton swabs on hand, and maybe some scissors.

i wound up doing them one finger at a time, with the following procedure:

  1.  cover the nail in the same clear top coat.
  2.  place your decal where you want it.
  3. cut off a good amount of the excess (mine were big on a few fingers, due to having used uniform circles on my mat).
  4. use the swab, drenched in acetone, to clear away the extra bits.


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