try, try, try (and a winner!).

remember these sad photos from last week?


well, i went to the local drug store, and bought a couple of commercial polishes (sinful colors, sinful shine wisp and dark room). as you can see below, i had some luck with dark room, but not so much with wisp.


so here’s my set up for stamping, currently.


cutex pure acetone (because it apparently works better than the other stuff), stamper and scraper from born pretty store, cotton swabs of the generic variety, a dish for the acetone, and plenty of paper towels.


that fourth green square has a wisp stamp in it.  not that anyone could tell!  this photo was mostly me, messing with my new led lamp.  one thing to note about the lamp is that it makes my photos look kind of stripey.  i’ll have to mess with it and see if i can’t fix that at some point.  but now i can take photos in lower light areas and still have some idea of what is happening.

here are the three stamping plates i currently own, all from born pretty:


the numbers on them are cooi001 (plaids), qgirl-031 (sunflower), and qa88 (arabesques).  i ended up having the best luck with the arabesque plate, for this project.

here is my base colour, full of stars, which is one of my handmade artisan polishes.


i let the base colour dry for a good 20 or so minutes, which was pretty hard for me to do.  i’m super impatient with this sort of thing and just want to get to arting as fast as possible.  but i waited, and then managed to pull off the following:


it’s quite obvious i need more practice, but i count this as a success.

so, the process:

  1.  acetone all the things.  seriously.  dip the stamper in it, wash the scraper in it, rinse the plates with it.
  2. dry everything.
  3. glop your stamping polish in a pile on the plate, next to what you want to have as your image.  leave enough room that you’ll be able to push any excess beyond where your stamper will pick up (i have a problem with this, still).
  4. shuffle your scraper through the glop, and over the plate.  then set it aside somewhere, quickly.
  5. roll your stamper over the polish scraped area of the image plate.  you can glance at it to make sure the image took.
  6. roll your stamper over your nail, or alternately, roll your nail over the stamper.  i did a little of each technique, and i think the second way is better.
  7. dip your stamper in the acetone, and rinse your plate after each finger.
  8. repeat until all fingers are done.
  9. seal with top coat.
  10. clean up and look at what you’ve done.
  11. show off your work!

now, i’ve got an announcement!  we had a contest a couple of weeks ago that ended this morning.  sadly, there were only TWO entries.  that’s fine though, it just means it was super easy to pick a winner.  by random number generator, sagebrushstuff is the winner!

i’ll ship out the prize package by the end of this week.

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