Still not stamping.


as you can see, stamping is still not going well.  pretty sure that it’s a polish problem, at this point.  the polishes i make are considered ‘jelly’ (for the most part), and i just don’t think they’re technically thick enough for stamping.

also, i’m a bit under the weather, so i can’t make anything thicker at the moment.  i may just buy a stamping-specific polish from the local bartell’s, since i currently have nearly no patience – a side effect of feeling cruddy.


i wasn’t painting directly on the counter, even though it looks like it.  i had set down some clear contact paper first.  i like not having to do a ton of clean up.

so.  since stamping is still eluding me, and i don’t particularly feel up to doing something at the moment, so here’s something that was on the instagram feed earlier this week.


first, the glitters, which came in from the sparkly shop.  this month’s sparkly club theme is neons, which matches up very well with the big spring neon push that seems to be going on everywhere, especially the nail art world.  one of my lovely russians at work has borrowed the pink in the top left corner.  i’m kind of excited to see what she does with it.


i paired some of the light orange glitter with a colour i’d been working on for someone on facebook (join the fan group?).  it’s a sort of bring orangey coral with a bit of holo to it.


it’s a bit simple, but i think the little mater neon flowers are quite on point with the polish.

that’s all i’ve got for you this week, except to remind you that the giveaway is still open to entries.

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