in rainbows. (#giveaway inside)

well, i just learned (in the all about nails facebook group) that today is apparently national find a rainbow day, so this makes today’s post even more fitting.

while i am still trying to figure out the whole stamping thing (i’m getting closer, just not quite there yet…i think it’s the polishes i’m using), i thought i would try something else.  i was going for a gradient, but i had to change tactics because the first try didn’t work.

here’s what i used:


that’s a six colour collection i made, that is now out of stock in my shop, a peelable nail tape from born pretty, a sinful colors topcoat, and some sparkle spackle.


as i said earlier, i was trying to do a gradient.

i painted the peelable tape around my fingers.  i was a little confused, because i thought it would dry white (based on photos i had seen online), but mine dried clear as could be.  it was sticker that i expected, as well, and i kept getting my fingers stuck to each other.

i lined up my six colours on the sponge, as seen above.  then i tried to transfer this directly onto my nail.  and failed.  nothing came off the sponge!  i tried making the polishes thicker, but it didn’t work.


well, whatever.  i decided to just freehand it and hoped for the best.


once the colours were done and fully dried, i added the sparkle spackle over the top, and sealed it all up with the s.c. topcoat.


why rainbows, you might ask.  well, there’s a couple of reasons.  the first is that my fingers now match my hair.


the second is that my friend is getting married today and i wanted something super awesome to wear.  her hair is currently blue, and i know there will be a couple of other guests with neat colours in their hair as well.  so, there you have it 🙂

switching gears, who out there would be interested in a giveaway?  how about one where you can win the ten colours shown below?


please make sure to read my normal giveaway terms and conditions over on my main blog, and then keep the following in mind:

  1. this contest *is* open internationally, however, you will be responsible for any customs fees and laws that disallow this type of thing.  if your country doesn’t allow orm-d/potentially hazmat mail into the country, please don’t.
  2. please comment for first entry.
  3. this is a follower-based contest.  this means if you get more people to follow me, you get more entries!  have your friends comment with ‘(your name or username) sent me’.  if they follow, you get an extra entry.
  4. this giveaway is not affiliated with facebook, twitter, g+, twitter, tsu, or ello.  just me.
  5. giveaway is open until april 17, 2016.  that gives you a full two weeks!


the following places are where you’ll find me:

@lyracole on twitter

@lyracole on instagram (if we hit 100 followers on instagram, i may add another prize for a second winner)

the FWD fangroup on facebook

good luck and !

please note that i may update this post with clarifications or more ways to win, as i see fit.

the colours are as follows:

  1. masquerade
  2. papa midnite
  3. not so shy
  4. diamond dogs
  5. ten
  6. gold dust woman
  7. red vs
  8. vs blue
  9. + 10. the orange and the blue (currently not listed anywhere, sorry!)

4 thoughts on “in rainbows. (#giveaway inside)

  1. Maybe the sponge soaks up the liquid too fast? I’ve never tried gradients, so really I have no basis on which to make suggestions, haha. I do think I’d put down a layer of white or some other opaque color first but that’s my aesthetic.

    Entering for the giveaway, also! 🙂


  2. I hope this the right place to comment to enter the 10 polish giveaway 🙂 anyway… I just wanted to comment that I don’t follow a lot of nail blogs, but yours is one check out all the time since seeing a few posts in the fb nail groups 🙂
    And btw, I LOVE the rainbow hair!


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