the great usefulness of backup plans.

hi there.

today’s post was supposed to be about stamping, but i had no luck getting the stamper to work right.  brand new stuff, and i couldn’t get it to work right.  so we’re going to check out french tips instead.  maybe stamping will happen next week?

i am terrible at french tips, i will openly admit it.

when i was ordering from born pretty, i noticed they had little guide stickers, so i got some.

here’s the process:


  1.  i used a white base.  this one is just a prototype, made with some colour shifting glitter that can’t really be seen.  i used two coats, so it had some opacity to it.


2. then, i laid down the guide tapes.  this was probably the hardest part for me, and they were nowhere near uniform once i was done.  i would guess this part would get easier with some practice.  i also made the silly mistake of not doing both hands to begin with, so i was trying to put tape on my other hand with polish wet on the first one.  don’t do that!


3.  i used really springy colours.  the green is a siren tale, and the purple is a mirror-finish prototype.  it was super gloopy, and probably not the best choice ever.

paint your colours on.  again, i used two coats, because everything was a little sheer with just one.  once i got the second coat on, i gently (but firmly) pulled the tape guides off, in a slightly down toward the nailtips motion.


4.  i sealed them off with a clear top coat, and added cute little easter egg charms from the sparkly shop.  the photos were all taken before final cleanup.

there you have it, french tips!

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