slow days and sundays.

hey there.

it’s sunday, and though it’s been busy, it’s somehow also been pretty quiet around here.  we slept in a little, then went out for coffee and breakfast.

once i came home, i decided to actually spend most of the day sewing, so there wasn’t a whole lot of nail art happening.  i’ve also been a bit under the weather the last few days, which probably has something to do with so many people coming to work sick over the past week.  so, yeah, not a whole lot to show off this week, although i did save one bit of pretty to show you, because sometimes i actually manage to plan ahead.

so here we are:

i know, they’re still messy.  i was super excited to try test these colours, since i made them and i wanted to get an idea of what made them different.  they’re basically the same colour, but one version has a different kind of glitter than the other.

i haven’t posted these two for sale yet, but still might.  i only made enough for two minis of each version, which means i can only sell one (i used the other one to get the photos!).

that awesome flower charm was a special edition from the sparkly shop.

that’s it for now, loves.  next week should be a bit more interesting, if things go well.


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