the frustrating sorcery of water decals.

my stuff finally arrived!  well, most of it.

i plan on keeping things secret until i end up writing about them, for the most part.  there’s enough to keep me going for at least a few projects.

this week, i tried out some water decals that i had received in my vip pack from the sparkly shop.

first, i did some minor fixing with a new file i had ordered from born pretty.  it’s kind of a wild file, with something like 7 different filing surfaces.  i must admit, i’m not totally clear why i need 7 grades of what is basically sand paper for my nails, but i’ll figure it out someday.


alright.  then i broke out the decals.  they’re pretty innocuous looking, in the package.  they look kind of like temporary tattoos, and they work kind of like that too.  sort of.

this package came with a total of 14 decals (two each of seven sizes), so they’ll fit most nails.  i used the five middle sizes.


the instructions are on the back, which great until you cut them up, and there’s some warnings to not light them on fire, and to keep away from water when you don’t intend to use them.


so, i immediately cut them up into individual decals, which of course caused me to no longer have the instructions.  that’s okay, because i have the internet and was able to find other instructions that were pretty easy to follow.

the first step is to submerge them in water for several seconds.  make sure to take the plastic protective sheet off before dipping the decal in the water!  i forgot to do this on one, and it was incredibly difficult to then get the decal to detach from the plastic.

tweezers might be helpful here, if you want to keep your fingers dry.

then, and i never totally got the trick of this part, slide the wet decal off of the paper backing and directly onto your nail.  i fought with the decals a lot.


after that, you’ll want to cut most of the excess decal off.  i just used scissors, but i am almost certain there’s a better way to do this step.  the extra bits of decal tried to stick to my scissors, which got to be quite amusing.  i still have a piece stuck to my laptop monitor from trying to get it off the scissors.


somewhere in here, the instructions advised heating the decal on the finger with a blow dryer.  i don’t own one, and i am certainly not using my embossing gun anywhere near my skin, so i kind of just dabbed at them with paper towel and hoped.

after situating the decal properly, i used the big file to fine tune the edges.


after all the maneuvering, patting dry, filing, and so on, i decided to add a layer of sparkle spackle.  over that, i put a clear top coat and added some tiny rhinestones.

until next time,

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