one step at a time.

you won’t be too surprised to hear that i am still waiting on my items from bornpretty.  i did finally get notice that everything is on the way, though.

don’t be sad, however, because i have something for you anyway!

i was going for a starry sky mani, but i don’t currently have the right tools, so it ended up being a bit more flowery.  or, you know, bloopy and abstract.  if it were a painting, someone would call it art.

i started with a good two coats or so of andromeda (from the tiny galaxies collection):


in the future, i would go with a darker blue.  andromeda is luminous and wonderful, but it’s just not dark enough for the lighter colours that need to get layered on top of it for this particular look.

then, and i meant to get pictures of each step but i was having way too much fun, i dabbed on small dots of both whirlpool and pleaideas.  this step is normally done with a tool that involves a tiny round sponge.  i decided, at this point, to kind of tap on some micro-glitter (silver stunner, from pearl pleasures, an etsy shop i am checking out).

next, i improvised and used a tiny pipette to stipple on some of a white prototype polish (i test all my colours on myself and some willing human volunteers – NO animal testing).  this step is normally done with a dotting tool.


in the last few photos, you’ll note a very sheer purple shimmer along the edges.  that would be antennae, and i just kind of put it on in a thin wash.  washing is a thing that geeks do to their miniature figures, to kind of bring out highlights and details.  sort of.


and that’s that.  i didn’t even put any top coat over these, but i would recommend it for most folks, to protect all those yummy colours.

i know there’s a ton of photos and glitter everywhere.  i’m not the best at keeping things under control just yet, obviously.  hopefully, as time goes on, i’ll get better.

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