currently still waiting on things to arrive from bornprettystore.  i knew going in that it might take a while, so i’ll give it another week or so.

in the meantime, i’ve gotten in some incredibly wild duochrome and multichrome micas, and i’ve been experimenting with spectraflair alternative glitters.  if you don’t make nail polish, these words might be completely alien to you, and that’s totally okay.  the important things to note are that these items make super colourful and super sparkly polishes!

around 1 or so this morning (yes, 1am), i was awake and in my studio, making things like a crazy woman.  and, after i made things, i decided to paint up the nails.  nothing fancy, no special procedures beforehand.  and here’s what i did:


the photo on the left is just the colours (it’s a set of four), and on the right i’ve added some holographic black glitter circles, from the sparkly shop.  you can see how the glitter reacts to light, and this is just in my hallway!

here’s the polish set i created, tiny galaxies.  the photos really do not do them justice, but i work with the equipment i have.


and here are the glitters i worked with, specifically the black.  all of these are holographic type, shining like crazy in good light.


and now, here are the different celestial bodies the colours were named for:

antennae, andromeda, the pleiades, whirlpool

i hope you enjoyed this post.  if you did, please feel free to share it!  many thanks ❤

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