let’s get started.

i don’t have a whole lot in the way of a nail care regimen, currently.  for a while, i was part of the julep maven program, which would sometimes offer things like cuticle gels.  i stopped doing the maven program after several months though, because i would find myself with polishes i thought were great for a use or two, and then i’d find i didn’t real care about those colours any more, and i’d sell them or given them away.

so, i stopped doing that, and started making my own polishes.  from scratch.  i find i generally make colours i would actually wear, this way. my friends seem to like them quite a bit as well, and so i do offer them in my etsy and zibbet shops.

so, in this post, you will see two of the polishes i’ve recently made.  thing 2 is a prototype polish i made while testing a specific glitter.  then there’s a chameleon blue to purple, which has yet to be named, but it looks very cool in person.

in the photos above, you an see i’ve got some pretty basic skills.

i started with a wash of julep’s vanish cuticle softener and remover.  i don’t get much out of cuticle products, but your mileage may vary here.  my hands tend to hate everything.  you drop this stuff on, scrub a little, and rinse.  the box states it also helps remove mild staining, but my nails started out clean, so i didn’t really get to test that particular benefit.

i then grabbed thing 2 and just painted it on.  the photo shows two coats, and it’s pretty opaque at that point.  the micro glitter in this one does not show in photos at all, bt i think that’s because the micro glitter just doesn’t show in white, at all.  if you were to look directly at my nails, close up, you would be able to see it, but otherwise it’s not noticeable in the least.  sad to say, this prototype was a failure as far as sparkle, but it works as a nice white base coat.

obviously, my nails totally look like someone with no nail polish experience is doing them.  i’ve got an order in the works with born pretty store, which will include some liquid nail tape, so hopefully after another post or two, i can work on cleaning up my edges.

after taking photos with thing 2, i decided to put the micro glitter into a chameleon polish, which you can see in the other photos above.  so, i took my nail polish removed and wiped an entire hand clean, and then re-did it in the purple.  this polish is so neat in person!  the micro glitter can actually be seen a little bit in the photos, though it is still elusive.  there’s a little bit of normal glitter in there too, and they do kind of fight each other, but it works out.

on a whim, i decided to do a single coat of the purple over my index finger of thing 2.  you can see this in the very last photo above.

so there it is, my super basic set for the week.  depending on when my new items arrive, i’ll be trying to post something at least slightly more interesting in the next week or so.


the photo below is actually an affiliate link for born pretty store.  everything in this post was bought or created by me, but born pretty store was kind enough to send me a 10% off code for any readers who want to check out their products.  additionally, if any of my readers user the link below, i do get a small fee for the referral (5%).  i don’t ever expect anything to come of referral links, but i appreciate any help i can get for supplies!  the code is PSX31 and it is good on any regularly priced items.  thanks and <3s.

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