the end.

hey there. i am shutting this particular blog project down. over the next few weeks or so, i will move the posts to my main blog here. thanks for reading! ❤ Advertisements

winner drawn!

for the most recent contest, reader rachel is our halloween box winner! because i am feeling super generous right now, the other 3 entrants will also receive a mystery polish of my choosing. everyone, please send an email to, with your shipping address and any colour preference you might have (for the mystery polish […]

we all shine on.

hey there. i know, it’s been a while, and we’re likely going to be on semi-hiatus for a few more weeks.  the other half has a brand new job, and we’re looking at moving in the next few weeks.  on that front, anything in the shop is currently 80% off with code MOVEIT, so i can have […]

glimmer and glue.

we’re back from the geekcraft expo, and ready to get crazy! thanks to those of you who came out to see us in portland last week; it was exhausting, but fun, and we may just try it again sometime. this weekend, i tried a new design that uses shiny nail art tape and a lot […]

9 days to go.

i’ve got some really simple stuff for you this week, as we’re gearing up for the portland geek craft expo, which is happening in just 9 days.  so excite, much crazy! so, i kind of went through a couple of looks this week.  forgive the messiness, as i seem to always get photos before the clean […]

can’t stop this thing we started.

90s music fans might get the reference in the title of this post. about a year ago, i began creating nail polish colours for fun (and profit, you ask? no, we have yet to see an actual profit, but hey, these things take time).  first edition was created on april 25, 2015.  second edition now […]